My work is about the look and feel of the mountains and objects related to being in the mountains – pyramidal shapes, areas of blue, dogs, the elk, maps, etc. How the mountains, skies and these other things look is important. That these images are of very specific places which I have sometimes pinpointed on the maps in diptychs, makes it clear that specificity of place is of utmost importance to me. Of more significance is that the landscape itself and paintings thereof can suggest what is beyond. In a compressed and metaphorical form, whether it is the land or a land substitute (a painting), we have a glimpse of something beyond ourselves. The detail of place and thing holds the purpose of suggesting something other than itself. How or when the local implies the universal is interesting to us. A place or a thing can veil what we yearn to understand; can be a portal. The science of place and thing is, in itself, mysteriously wondrous but the essence is infinite.